Homemade ice cream is incredibly easy to make.  All you need are a few tools:

  • Heavy bottom saucepan.  This will keep your custard from sticking to the bottom and burning.
  • Whisk.  Choose a big balloon whisk to smoothly blend ingredients together.
  • Wooden spoon.  Wooden spoons do not transfer heat as much as metal spoons, so they are perfect to use when cooking and stirring your custard.  My favourite wooden spoon is from West Virginia.  It’s made of cherry wood and a gift from my friend Benson.
  • Instant read thermometer.  Custard should be cooked to 170 degrees F (77 degrees C).  Any hotter and you’ll scramble the eggs and there is no way you can rescue your recipe!  Use an instant read thermometer to save yourself grief.
  • Ice cream maker.  There are electric models available, but I prefer to use Donvier’s 1 quart hand cranked model.  When I make smaller amounts, I use Baby Donvier, a 1/2 pint version.  Hand-cranked ice cream makers are very simple to use: pour your custard into the freezer bowl, turn the crank occasionally for 15 or 20 minutes, and voilà, you’re done.  I always store the freezer bowls in the freezer so they’re ready to use at any time.
  • Ice cream scoop.  There’s nothing better than a perfectly formed scoop of home made ice cream.  I have a pink Zyliss scoop that was a birthday gift from Tavis.  I also have a smaller black scoop that is filled with heat conductive fluid, which was also a birthday gift from Tavis.  Most recently, I added a sweeper scoop to my collection, a birthday gift from my sister.  Are you sensing a trend here?

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