Here are a few places you might have come across 52 Scoops and 52 Scoops’ ice cream recipes:

2013 January 29:

52 Scoops leads a Homemade Ice Cream workshop at Tommy Douglas Library in Burnaby as part of Burnaby Food First‘s workshop series.  The workshop was sold out with 60 attendees — young, old, and every age in between!

2013 January 29:

52 Scoops is interviewed for On the Coast with Stephen Quinn on CBC Radio.  Listen to the interview here, starting at 7:55.

2013 January 22:

52 Scoops is featured in an article by Wanda Chow in the Burnaby Newsleader: “Anytime’s A Good Time for Ice Cream”

2012 June 7:

52 Scoops’ recipe for Hot Cross Buns Ice Cream wins Grand Prize in Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen’s Home Grown Chef Contest.

2012 May 24:

52 Scoops’ recipe for Mango Ice Cream with Chili Sea Salt is awarded with a “Community Pick” on Food 52’s Your Best Mangoes recipe contest.


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