Little Green Box

1 05 2012

Some women really like gifts that come in a little blue box — robin’s egg blue, tied with a silky white ribbon, usually containing a sparkly or shiny trinket.  Personally, I prefer gifts that come in a little green box.  Was I ever excited when my sister presented me with a little green box from Williams-Sonoma for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Ahhhh, Williams-Sonoma — home to an exquisite selection of kitchenware, gourmet food, and cookbooks.  And inside… a sweeper scoop!

A little green box from Williams-Sonoma

18/10 stainless steel. Made in Italy. Serious scooping action.

A sweeper scoop is an ice cream scoop with a spring loaded handle and an ingenious metal strip or “sweeper” tucked inside the scoop.  When the handle is squeezed, the metal strip sweeps from one side of the scoop to the other, releasing the ice cream into your serving dish.  Sweeper scoops are best used for scooping slightly softened ice cream.  (For very hard ice cream, you are better off using a scoop that is filled with heat conductive fluid.)  Sweeper scoops are also great to have on hand for scooping cookie dough.

Perfect scoops every time — guaranteed!

Perfect little scoops of matcha and black sesame ice cream!


Baby Donvier Has Arrived!

31 03 2012

Baby Donvier, 1/2 pint, about 6 inches tall.

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to my ice cream equipment family!  Baby Donvier arrived yesterday, only four short days after a successful bid on Ebay.  It arrived in perfect condition, having been protectively enveloped in bubble wrap and nestled in a solid cardboard box for its journey from California to its new home in Vancouver, Canada.  It was the right time to add Baby Donvier to my family, and I know it will bring me great joy for years to come.

You see, when I decided to embark on this sweet, culinary adventure, I must admit I had some concerns about the potential implications on my waistline.  My large Donvier ice cream maker (now known as Big Don) is best suited for recipes that yield one quart of ice cream. 

One quart per week x 52 weeks = a whole pile of jeans that won’t fit (even if I share).

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