52 Scoops was created with a simple goal in mind: to develop and compile a collection of 52 artisan ice cream recipes – one for every week of the year.

The project launched on March 14, 2012 with Classic Vanilla Ice Cream.  Inspiration for subsequent flavours came from everyday foods, new tastes experienced when travelling, unusual products spotted at the grocery store, and from blog readers.  For 52 consecutive weeks, I developed a recipe and cranked out a batch of ice cream in my beloved Donvier ice cream maker.  There were no promises of amazing food photography (hello, iPhone 4 camera) and tested-til-perfect recipes.  52 Scoops is a collection of simple recipes made mostly with everyday ingredients, and the occasional report of creative attempts gone awry.

52 Scoops officially wrapped up on March 7, 2013, with Tiramisu Ice Cream as the finale.  My post on March 13, 2013 shows the entire 52 Scoops collection.

What’s next?  MAKE MORE ICE CREAM, I SAY!!!  Don’t worry, 52 Scoops is here to stay.  There’s lots more fun to come, I promise.

Karin, The Ice Cream Maker
Karin has always loved ice cream.  At 12 months, she went from being a “cruiser” (a cautious baby who could only walk while holding onto furniture) to a lightning fast sprinter upon hearing the sudden call for ICE CREAM in the kitchen.  She had early childhood dreams of owning an ice cream parlour, but has settled instead for a gig as an urban planner.  Karin is a self-declared food nerd and loves kitchen gadgets.
Tavis, The Official Taster
Tavis is a lucky man, having been appointed the Official Taster for 52 Scoops.  In exchange for this highly coveted position, he offers periodic web/tech/dishwashing support.  Outside of his tasting and related duties, he writes code and takes random photos of golden retrievers he sees on the street.

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