Hot Cross Buns Ice Cream a Grand Prize Winner!

7 06 2012

I’m thrilled to announce that 52 Scoops’ Hot Cross Buns Ice Cream recipe is the Grand Prize winner in Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen’s Home Grown Chef Contest, with 36% of reader votes!

A big shout out to friends, family, and fans who voted for 52 Scoops.  Thanks also to my fellow contestants — it was a pretty tight race at times!

I love classic ice cream flavours, but I also love unusual ice cream recipes — and Hot Cross Buns Ice Cream is one of my favourites so far.  Keep your eye out for more quirky & original 52 Scoops ice cream recipes in the weeks ahead.  And if you have any interesting ideas, please email me or post a comment!

Hot cross buns ice cream

Hot Cross Buns Ice Cream – a prize winning recipe!




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