Black Sesame Ice Cream (#6)

21 04 2012

Grey hairs be gone with black sesame seeds!

Two years ago, I discovered my first *gasp* gold hair.  (Yes, it was GOLD and not G-R-E-Y).  Tavis, to his credit, named it Goldie and said it’s for good luck.  Goldie has since morphed into Silvie, and Silvie, as it turns out, is making a few friends.  I guess this is what happens once you’re in your 30s.

My mom has always said that eating black sesame helps prevent grey hair.  Old Asian wives tale!  But after poking around on the trusty internet, I realized there may be some merit to this claim.  Grey hair can be caused by a number of factors, including vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Black sesame seeds are choc full of of beneficial vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B1,  Vitamin E, copper, manganese, zinc, and iron, all of which contribute to good hair health.  So, I’ll pass on the hair dyes and henna and, instead, will crank out a batch of black sesame ice cream for preventative measures.  Smooth, nutty, and not too sweet.  Enjoy!

Black Sesame Ice Cream  (Makes about 1 L)

3 tablespoons black sesame seeds
2 eggs
1/2  cup white sugar
3 cups half-and-half cream

  1. In a small, dry pan, toast the sesame seeds over medium heat until fragrant.  This should take about 3 to 5 minutes.  Set aside and let cool.
  2. Coarsely grind the sesame seeds using a mortar & pestle or in a clean coffee or spice grinder.  If you’re using a grinder, this should take just a few quick pulses.
  3. In a heavy saucepan, lightly whisk together the eggs and sugar.
  4. Add two cups of the half-and-half cream.
  5. Cook the mixture over medium-low heat stirring constantly, until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon (170 degrees F / 77 degrees C).
  6. Remove from heat immediately and add the remaining 1 cup of the half and half cream to stop the cooking.  Place the saucepan into an ice bath to cool the custard rapidly.
  7. Add the ground sesame seeds.
  8. Chill overnight in the fridge.
  9. Pour the custard into an ice cream maker and prepare according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Official Taster says: “I love the texture of the sesame seeds.”



4 responses

22 04 2012
Ice Cream Science

Looks good!

1 05 2012
52 Scoops

Thanks! It didn’t last long around the house:)

25 04 2012

I really like the idea of getting my vitamins and minerals through black sesame ice cream!

1 05 2012
52 Scoops

Calcium, calcium, calcium!


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