Baby Donvier Has Arrived!

31 03 2012

Baby Donvier, 1/2 pint, about 6 inches tall.

I am thrilled to announce a new addition to my ice cream equipment family!  Baby Donvier arrived yesterday, only four short days after a successful bid on Ebay.  It arrived in perfect condition, having been protectively enveloped in bubble wrap and nestled in a solid cardboard box for its journey from California to its new home in Vancouver, Canada.  It was the right time to add Baby Donvier to my family, and I know it will bring me great joy for years to come.

You see, when I decided to embark on this sweet, culinary adventure, I must admit I had some concerns about the potential implications on my waistline.  My large Donvier ice cream maker (now known as Big Don) is best suited for recipes that yield one quart of ice cream. 

One quart per week x 52 weeks = a whole pile of jeans that won’t fit (even if I share).

Trouble is, if I halve or quarter a recipe, it would mean the freezer cylinder in Big Don would only be partially full, only the bottom blade would come in contact with the custard as the handle is turned, and there would be less churning and aerating action, which would lead to more ice crystals in the ice cream.  And we can’t have that!  Smooth, creamy ice cream is the goal.  I had to track down a smaller ice cream maker to maintain the integrity of the ice cream produced… and for the sake of my waistline!

I recalled that Donvier used to make a half-pint sized model.  As a kid, I’d regularly ask my parents to buy one for me during our family shopping excursions.  But, of course, my parents were far too practical to indulge me.  A 4L bucket of Snow Star Ice Cream in the ’80s was probably around $2.99.  Plus you had a bucket to use afterward to store pantry goods.  Plus no muss and fuss with cooking custards.  Plus we didn’t need one.

Half-pint sized Donviers were discontinued quite some time ago and are now considered “vintage” items.  Fortunately, you can find quite a few of these cutie ice cream makers on Ebay.  I was absolutely ecstatic when mine arrived yesterday.  I love the retro box.  And get this, it’s MADE IN JAPAN — a true sign of quality in the ’80s, remember?  I can’t wait to use it!




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